Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teresa Palmer talks about Warm Bodies, Knight of Cups and more!

One of your upcoming films "Warm Bodies" with Nicholas Hoult has the most interesting film summary I've read in a long time as a "romantic zombie film". Can you tell us a bit about it?

Haha yes! "Warm Bodies" is the story of R, a conflicted and empty zombie who has feelings and emotion just like any person. He captures Julie (my character) and takes her back to his abandoned plane full of interesting trinkets and Frank Sinatra records. She instantly realizes that everything she knew about zombies was different. They strike up a friendship and an unlikely romantic connection and through their love the zombies start to heal themselves. It's full of adventure, humor, drama and so much heart. It's a really quirky, fun, exciting ride of a movie. 

You seem to have no shortage of projects to choose from, what's coming next for you?

It doesn't always feel like that haha! I have "Love and Honor" with Liam Hemsworth coming out early next year which is a 1960s vietnam war romance with a similar vein to "The Notebook" and then I just finished shooting the Terrance Malick movie "Knight of Cups" with Christian Bale, I have no idea when that comes out. I'm now in the trenches looking for my next job!

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