Friday, January 25, 2013

Teresa Palmer's Secret Makeup Weapon

Eonline posted this new bit of what Teresa Palmer had to say about her favorite moisturizer in a recent Gala event:
When you star opposite a zombie character, as Teresa Palmer does in Warm Bodies, it's not hard for your skin to look radiant by comparison.
"I'm using my favorite cream in the world," she dished at the event. "It's Artistry LuXury Creme LuXury."
The cream packs a power- and patent pending!-technology that uses an age-defying lipid to battle fine lines and maintain taut skin. And though the 25-year-old probably doesn't need to start worrying about sagging skin just yet, she's convinced it contributes to her youthful glow.
"I use it twice a day," she explained. "I'm obsessed with it. It's changed my skin. I put it on my face and it's incredible. It makes you look dewy and luminous. It's my secret weapon."
Well, our secret weapon now. Would you try Teresa's cream?

Source: eonline

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